Innocent applejack

Maude was a member of the members that only appeared after Portia got a second chance at life were Maude was telling a story of apple bucking, in which later she gave up for her so called perfect life. She knew Mrs. Gibbon’s Penny doll aka Dark Rat came out of her body and turned Cherry and Penny Lefcowitz into mrs. gibbon’s "perfect version's" she told Dark Rat she was waiting for him and unknowingly freed him of his mortal body and then freed a tainted Penny Lefcowitz and Longface. Penny Lefcowitz and Joey then attempted to kill her. It turns out Maude survived and somehow was thrown out of the window to revile Dark Rat no longer in his doll body and in his demonic form on top of the boutique. Maude lives on Dimmsdale, FL with Molly O’ Connell , Kappus Darío and Miriam Breedlove.